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    this show never fails me

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    MISSING: 12-year-old boy from Montgomery County

    WHEATON, Md. (WUSA9) — Montgomery County Police need your help locating a missing 12-year-old from Wheaton.

    Rashad Williams, of the 3300 block of Hewitt Avenue has been missing since September 5th.

    Williams is described as a black male, 4’8” tall and weighing 100 pounds. Williams has brown eyes and medium length brown hair worn in twists, police said.

    Williams frequents the Aspen Hill/Layhill area of Wheaton, the Westfield Wheaton Mall and downtown Silver Spring, police said.

    Anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of Rashad Williams is asked to call the Montgomery County Police Special Victims Investigative Division at 240-773-5300, or the police non-emergency number at 301-279-8000 (24-hour line). Callers may remain anonymous.


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  • livefreeordrive:

    Bike rides out to New Orleans East are always the jam. First of a three part day riding/ photo series looking at this weird little pocket of the Crescent City that I love.

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  • taishou-kun:

    Yamazaki Shishi work

    YANOYA project of Akiko Yano and Tokyo University of the Arts「やの屋」矢野顕子×東京芸術大学 - 2012

    Video here :


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  • dajo42:



    gendered clothing is pretty ridiculous actually like it’s bits of fabric that we drape over our body why would we bother assigning gender to it

    women and men have different body shapes maybe?

    that’s a pretty radical notion you’ve got going on there, here’s a few more:

    • trans people exist
    • there’s no universal body shape for men or women
    • people should still be able to wear what they personally feel comfortable in instead of thinking “oh can’t wear this shirt it’s not for people of my gender”
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    I’m beating at happiness. I’ve beaten it into submission and bottled it for convenience.

    Where is the Alfredo in my life so I can buy happiness from him?

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    Watch: CNN compares traditional Maori greeting to Chippendales and horny emus

    How long does it take for the most trusted news source to turn a boring non-story into a racist, xenophobic nightmare?

    About 13 seconds it turns out, and that’s only because CNN news correspondent Jeanne Moos takes her time narrating the intro.

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    The only thing surprising about this is that it wasn’t split-screened with the fucking plane.




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    Wow, fuck you, too.

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    Animals Wearing Sweaters

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    “To all the women who quietly made history”

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    Owls Acrylic Paintings on Encyclopedia Pages by Bedowynn

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    Rail car No. 899 was built in 1932 and ran on the Neral-Matheran line of the Central Railway for many years. Now, Number 899 resides at the National Rail Museum in New Dehli, India.